Frequently Asked Questions

Q) It says I need to connect a headset to play SoundSwipe. Why?
SoundSwipe is a game based around audio and uses the stereo audio capabilities of your headset (earphones or headphones) to simulate an object moving from one side to another. As such, a pair of earphones/headphones is required to play. Connect your headset and try again. Q) It says that I swiped in the wrong direction even though I was correct.
You need to swipe in the direction which the audio is moving from. If the audio is moving from right to left, swipe right.
If you are still facing this problem, try performing a calibration test by swiping right from the menu and tapping Calibration Test. Make sure each side of your headset is placed on the correct ear and try again.
Q) The audio simultaneously plays in both ears without any distinction.
One possibility is that your phone is set to combine stereo audio channels to mono audio. In order to fix this, open the accessibility settings on your phone and find "Mono audio". Make sure it's disabled and try again Q) I'm finding it tough to identify the direction of the object.
Try changing the volume of your device until you feel you are comfortable and able to identify the direction. It could also be that your headset is not easy to play the game with. Good quality earphones are recommended to play SoundSwipe. If you are still unable to identify the direction, uh, practice makes a man perfect. Q) How do I know when to swipe?
You should swipe when you feel the audio is right near you or is about to pass you. As a little cheat, you can also know when to swipe by seeing when the "It's Coming" text changes to "Swipe now!" Q) Can I reset my achievements?
There is an option to reset achievements in the settings. Q) What is the music used in this game?
The music in this game is MAYDAY by TheFatRat (feat. Laura Brehm). He is an amazing artist. Check out Mayday here on his channel.